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El Paso Walmart Shooting Lawsuits

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On the morning Saturday, August 3rd, 2019, an armed gunman entered the El Paso Walmart and opened fire. In his senseless attack, Patrick Crusius claimed 22 lives and seriously injured 24 others. Now, the survivors of the mass shooting and the families of those who passed away are asking questions and demanding answers.

  • How did Crusius enter the Walmart with an assault rifle when he had a known history of violence?
  • Can Walmart, and Simon Property Group – the owners of the retail property – be held accountable for failing to enact security measures to help prevent the attack?

At Harmonson Law Firm, we are here to help the victims of the El Paso Walmart mass shooting find a sense of closure and justice. Our injury attorneys are investigating the situation, as well as hearing from survivors and the families of the fallen. It may be possible to seek justice and deserved compensation from the parties who were negligent in their duty to protect the public and prevent atrocities like this mass shooting. As El Paso locals, it is our goal to help our community not only get through this trying time, but to also help prevent similar acts of violence in the future through legal action today.

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Details of the El Paso Walmart Mass Shooting

Crusius was spotted on security footage walking around the El Paso Walmart early in the day, looking to see who was shopping there. After leaving the store, he returned at around 10:40 AM with an assault rifle, safety glasses, and safety earpieces. He shot several people outside the store before entering it and continuing the shooting.

According to statements he gave the police later, Crusius was targeting people he believed to be Mexican immigrants. He also admitted to choosing the location due to its proximity to the Mexican border. Crusius has since been charged with capital murder and described as a domestic terrorist who will likely face the death penalty if convicted.

Who Could Be Found Negligent & Responsible?

Simon Property Group and Walmart both have a duty to provide a safe space for visiting and welcome customers on their property. Given that Crusius cased the store before returning with his weapon, the question arises: Did Walmart not do enough to recognize the unusual, menacing behavior and report it to the police? Should there have been an armed guard posted at the entrances to create an early alarm system that could have saved lives? The answers to these questions and more could place liability on Walmart and the Simon Property Group alike.

Legal Precedent Created in Other Lawsuits

There is legal precedent in place that allows the victims and survivors of mass shooting to take legal action against police departments, stores, and property owners. Lawsuits following the El Paso Walmart mass shooting may be able to follow similarly to seek justice and closure for those injured and affected.

Two relevant examples of mass shooting lawsuits:

  • Pulse nightclub shooting lawsuits Victims of the Pulse nightclub mass shooting in June of 2016 filed a claim against the nightclub for inadequate security and the Orlando Police Department for an inadequate response to the situation.
  • Mandalay Bay shooting lawsuit: Victims of the Mandalay Bay shooting in October 2017 filed a lawsuit against MGM Resorts for negligent security practices. There is reportedly a multimillion-dollar settlement being negotiated between MGM Resorts and the 4,000+ plaintiffs.

Personalized Representation from Local, Compassionate Attorneys

At Harmonson Law Firm, we are proud El Paso locals who work, live, and enjoy each day here. The Walmart mass shooting has broken our hearts, but not our spirits. We are standing today to say we are ready and willing to seek justice on your behalf if you were hurt or lost a loved one in the shooting. As locals, we know what you’re going through because we’re going through it, too. Together, we can be stronger than yesterday – and we can be your voice that demands a better, safer future for us all.

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