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Despite our blind faith in trusting hospitals as a source of healing, treatment, and care, this trust is not always warranted as many patients fall victim to hospital negligence, leaving them in worse condition than ever before. Unfortunately, hospital negligence is a rising epidemic throughout the United States and shows no signs of slowing down. Hospitals are supposed to be a safe haven for injured or ill patients, protecting them from harm at their most vulnerable. When a hospital causes or worsens your injury, it can and must be held liable for its physicians, nurses, emergency room doctors, radiologists, anesthesiologists, and other health professionals. Combating these injustices and wrongdoings is best accomplished with the guidance and advocacy of an El Paso hospital negligence attorney with the experience and skill you can rely on, such as ours at Harmonson Law Firm.

Misdiagnosis & Delayed Diagnosis

Countless individuals have suffered for longer than they should have at the hands of a medical professional who fails to adequately diagnose a patient in a timely manner. The general rule when determining responsibility under the circumstances is to compare your doctor’s care to that of any other professional with the same level of training and equal access to the information. If another doctor would not have reasonably made the same mistake, this may be considered negligence. However, this cannot be distinguished as such if your conditions or symptoms presented themselves in extraordinary ways.

Surgical Errors

Surgery is one of the most crucial aspects of a patient’s healing, which is why surgical errors are so devastating when they occur. Patients may suffer from the consequences of a lack of care before during or after the surgery. Other illustrations of how debilitating these errors include failure to control bleeding, failure to monitor a patient’s vital signs, and other unsafe procedures which cause severe and often permanent damage.

Slips, Trips, & Falls

Because patients are in a weakened state, they are very likely to suffer from slip and fall injuries, especially when a hospital and its staff do not take the necessary protective precautions. They may occur as a result of external factors such as wet floors, a lack of patient assistance, inadequate railings, and other hazards. Falls from hospital beds or wheelchairs are also extremely dangerous though preventable by properly securing and monitoring the patient.

Anesthesia Errors

If the patient is given too much or too little anesthesia, he or she is likely to suffer irreparable damages. A common form of negligence is when anesthesiologists failed to properly monitor and recognize complications before it is too late.

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