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Dealing with the death of a family member or loved one is incredibly difficult—knowing that their death could have been prevented only serves to compound your pain and suffering. When individuals, corporations, manufacturers, doctors, healthcare workers, or other entities act negligently, and your loved one is killed as a result, Harmonson Law Firm can help you fight for justice. Our El Paso wrongful death attorney believes that no one should have to suffer the devastating consequences of someone else’s negligence on their own. We strive to do everything in our power to pursue the just recovery that you are owed. We understand that financial compensation cannot negate the agony of losing a loved one, however, it can ease the financial burden associated with funeral expenses, loss of support, and other damages. Furthermore, it can offer you a sense of justice in knowing that the responsible party was held accountable for your loved one’s wrongful death.

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What Is “Wrongful Death?”

A “wrongful death” occurs when someone is killed as a result of another person or entity’s negligence. According to law, negligence can mean any action or inaction that is careless, reckless, or intentional in nature and that directly or indirectly leads to death.

Some of the most common causes of wrongful death include but are not limited to:

No matter the cause of your loved one’s death, our El Paso wrongful death attorney is prepared to help you navigate the legal system and fight for the justice you deserve.

Compassion, Understanding & Commitment

At Harmonson Law Firm, we understand that if you are pursuing a wrongful death case, you are suffering with each day that goes by without answers. The death of your loved one should not be disregarded as a fluke or an unavoidable act if someone else is responsible. It is not fair to you, your family, or the deceased. Instead, our firm can help you fight for justice and accountability.

When you are suffering from the loss of a loved one, it may take time to understand the financial ramifications of their passing. Funeral expenses are only the beginning of the financial strains to come. If the deceased was the sole income provider for your family, the impact will be substantial. What’s more, future income, pensions, potential savings, and foreseeable basic needs and luxuries can all be taken away if the negligent party is not held liable. Attorney Clark Harmonson is committed to helping those who are suffering from the wrongful death of a loved one, working tirelessly so they can start to rebuild their lives while holding onto the positive memories of the person they loved.

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